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I made top ten for C++ Programming on Google!

Writing for (see previous post) isn’t done just for love; they do pay and that depends upon how many people visit the site. Which means I have to write stuff that people want to read and also apply a bit of SEO magic to make sure it’s found for what people are actually searching for.

Well my C++ column (including C and C#) is now at #9 on the first page of google for c++ programming. Getting to #1 position will be a lot lot harder. In fact staying in the top ten won’t be that easy!

Now I just have to work out how to get something that people on Digg and Reddit want to read…

My New Book

Having become an SEO expert, I decided I had to give some of my knowledge back to the world- so what better way to show it off than by writing a book about everything I’ve discovered in Blogger, including some stuff that no one knows about.

Google bought Blogger and they tied in the two in so many ways that only now are we beginning to discover them.

If you use some of the secret codes (all documented in the book), google recognises them and boosts the popularity of the page without altering the PR.

Follow this link or click the book cover to find out more. Enjoy!