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Oh the Irony!

BoingBoing is one of my favourite websites but occasionally things go a little awry.

A story there today about some 8 year old girl objecting to a series of books for girls and books for boys. I got the sense that she was unhappy with the girls book because of it’s angle that girls didn’t like things like camping trips.

BoingBoing has adverts and the one immediately above the story .. well judge for yourself! The advert says “MALE GAMERS ONLY”. I’m sure girls really love this! </sarcasm>


New Software and Books

A big day for new software. I’m now running Office 2010 at home and in conjunction with a paid subscription iPhone/iPad App ($15 a year) called MobileNoter I can now synchonise Office 2010 OneNote notes with my iPhone/iPad. This looks very well done, it all worked smoothly (apart from the Wifi Access- I’m not sure why as my Windows Forewall is open and the iPhone picked up the Pc’s name and the Bonjour service is running) but currently it won’t synch over Wifi. It’s not that important as it syncs over the Cloud service.

Apple still I think have a problem in recognising that people do want to do some work on the iPhone/iPad and that the methods for copying stuff to PCs/Macs in a word suck mega bigtime. Unless you have DropBox, you need to send emails or sync via iTunes. So other solutions like MobileNoter have stepped in but they shouldn’t have to really…

Also my friends at Packt Publishing are sending me “Flash 10 Multiplayer Game Essentials” to review so that will appear on David Bolton in a week or two. As it’s Flash, I couldn’t really review it on my About C,C++ and C# column. Creating multi-player games is my current non-work interest (and writing for About)

My New Book

Having become an SEO expert, I decided I had to give some of my knowledge back to the world- so what better way to show it off than by writing a book about everything I’ve discovered in Blogger, including some stuff that no one knows about.

Google bought Blogger and they tied in the two in so many ways that only now are we beginning to discover them.

If you use some of the secret codes (all documented in the book), google recognises them and boosts the popularity of the page without altering the PR.

Follow this link or click the book cover to find out more. Enjoy!