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Storms? Nah just windy – oh wait…

Some of the local shops on Francis road in Leyton (E10) are getting spruced up and have two storey high scaffolding, now reduced to half storey road blocks. Well it makes a change from speed bumps and pot holes…

Photo was shown on BBC.

Francis road storm damage...

And some more I took:

Storm Damage October 2013

Storm Damage October 2013

Storm Damage October 2013

Storm Damage October 2013

A Lesson in Hypocrisy from Waltham Forest!

Photo of CCTV Smart car parked on doiuble yellow lines!Waltham Forest in London employs CCTV both fixed and mounted in Smart cars to catch motorists parking where they shouldn’t.

As they say here “Motorists who endanger lives and cause congestion by ignoring traffic signs and markings are now being penalised in Waltham Forest. The only people who will be penalised are those who drive illegally, with no regard for their own safety that of other road users or pedestrians.”

So what did I see the other day but one of their CCTV smart cars parked on double yellow lines. The actual location is here

The car was parked BTW. I had time to get my phone camera out, unlock it, select the camera and take a couple of shots.

So will the registered owner of vehicle KV56 RVU get a £100 parking fine? Don’t hold your breath!