screen shot of google search placing for writers q and aThis is a genuine screen shot of the first page of results showing it in 2nd place.

Out of curiosity I searched for the phrase writers q & a on yesterday. (Tuesday November 10th 2010). This is the domain I had registered on Friday 5th November 2010 and setup Q2A over the weekend. Depending on which PC or iPhone I look on, it ranges from 1st to 9th (i.e. on the first page) out of 17 million.

Try it yourself- search on Google (or just click writers q and a).

Of course realistically it doesn’t matter where it comes in search results if those results aren’t what people are searching for. For instance if I search Google for writers then does not appear in the first ten pages. I wasn’t expecting it to. I was just amazed that a new domain/website could get a very high search result in 5 days especially for a .im domain.