Found in my junk mail folder today. Now the name and domain details are correct, it was only registered yesterday but using scare tactics to avoid late fees is just pure drivel. There are no late fees and those search engines do not ask for fees. It is a scam. the link that says actually goes to genusk . com.

I searched on the web and found this site that reckons it’s a scam: Now apparently 6,648 recommend it on Google+, which for a site that was only created on August 28th 2014 make’s it highly unbelievable!

Just avoid!

Hi there David Bolton, 

Domain Name:  (Account #64232) This email is being sent out to you because search registration for is pending.
Please register these domains to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo ASAP to avoid late fees.

Registering for search engines would help you show up in search results and increase your online presence.

You can register your domain at: here ( actually goes to genusk . com ) 

We sincerely appreciate your business! If you require anything, we are at your service.

Remember… If you do not register your domain with the search engines, it may not appear in the search engine listing when people are looking for you. Failure to complete your domain name search engine registration by the expiration date may make it difficult for your customers to locate you on the web. Complete your search engine registration today at: (actually goes to genusk . com )

Search Engine Registry
1787 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 1025
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